Toast and eggs:-
White Toast with Choice of 2 preserves
(Honey, Fruit Jam, Butter, Marmalade)

Eggs on a Toast
(Fried/Scrambled, Pouched, served on white bread)

Nibs Big Bang
(Choice of your egg, bacon, hash brown, chicken sousage and mushroom)

The Grown ups
(Choice of egg with hash brown, chicken sausage and mushroom)

Tiny Tummy
(Choice of eggs, hash brown and mushroom)

Morning glory eggs sandwich
(Fried eggs, cucumber, tomato and cheese)

Grilled ham, cheese and tomato sandwich

Coleslaw Sandwiche

Garden Fresh Vegetable Sandwich (
Cucumber, tomato, cheese and spread)

Breakfast classics
Scrambled Bruschetta
(Traditional Italian bread, scrambled eggs and bruschetta toppings)

French toast (sweet/savory)

Cajun spice potato wedges
(Potato wedges tossed in cajun spice mix)

Cheesy Wedges
(Potato wedges tossed in spice mix and greatened cheese)

Bacon Wedges Bite
(Cheesy potato tossed in spice mix and grilled bacon)

Corn flakes with milk


Vegetable oats

Mediterranean Egg White served with Toast and Mushroom
(Four egg whites, vegetables and mised herbs)

The Nirvana Omelette
(Mushroom, ham, onion, tomato, green capsicum, olives, jalapenos, bell peppers)

Double Bananza Omelette
(Two types of cheese, chilli flakes, oregano and seasoning)

Italian farm house Omelette
(Mushroom, olives, onion, salami)

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