Falafel Banguette
(True Turkish delight, falafel balls with hummus nad a side of garlic yoghurt.)

Chilli Cheese & Tomato Baguette
(Mouth watering combination of garden tomatoes and processed cheese with homemade chilli spread)

Grilled Bakers Wife Sandwich
(Blanched spinach and corn combined with chef’s own sauce)

Devil’s Grilled Sandwich
(Double Decker sandwich with a lot….)

Carprese Sandwich
(Homemade Pesto spread, tomato and cheese)

Garden Fresh Veg Sandwich
(combination of fresh vegetables with cheese and spread)

Bombay Sandwich
(Mumbaiya ishtyle grilled sandwich with desi vegetables and homemade dhaniya chutney)

Aloo Chaat Sandwich
(Boiled potato and onion infused with fresh coriander and local spices)

Grilled Cheese Sandwich –
(Just a basic cheese sandwich, but loaded with flavours)

Masala Cheese Sandwich
(Mixed spices combined with cheese and chilli)

Grilled Mushroom Jalapeno Sandwich
(Sauteed mushrooms and jalapenos sandwich with cheese)

Yummmiiinnaaammiiinnnoo Choco Sandwich
(Yes we are serious! Chocolate & cheese filled bread slices grilled and served with more chocolate)

Nutella Cheesewich
(Delicious combination of yummy nutella and cheese)

Choice of Brown Bread (Per Slice)

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