Hot Chocolate

Classic Dark Hot Chocolate – 89/-
(Dark hot chocolate with creamy hot milk)

Classic Milk Hot Chocolate – 89/-
(Milk chocolate with creamy hot milk)

Classic White Hot Chocolate – 99/-
(White chocolate with creamy hot milk)

Moccha – 99/-
(Dark chocolate and coffee shot with milk and pure chocolate sprinkles)

Dark Chilli Chocolate – 99/-
(Dark chocolate infused with chilli for a sensational chilli after taste)

Peppermint White Chocolate – 109/-
(White hot chocolate blended with mint)

White Chocolate Chai – 109/-
(White chocolate sauce combined with spiced chai)

Dark Fire & Ice – 89/-
(Thick dark chocolate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the pleasure of hot and cold combination)

Tiramisu Milk Chocolate – 109/-
(Dedicated to a popular dessert, milk chocolate combined with caramel, coffee and fresh cream )

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