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Three Young Entrepreneurs After Completing Their Degree In Hotel Management, Planned To Go To Australia To Refine Their Skills And Gain Some Experience In The Industry With A Vision Of Starting Up A Business In Their Home Town Which Can Change The Entire Concept Of Food Industry.


Nibs Is The Center Of The Cocoa Bean, And The Base Of All Chocolates. After The Outer Shell Of The Individual Bean Have Been Removed, The Nibs Are Roasted, Grounded And Plays A Very Essential Role In Processing The Chocolate Which We Eat.


Nibs ” The Chocolate Workshop ” Is A Concept Cafe And Chocolataria Emphasizing On The Growing Trend Of Cafe Which Can Be Easily Seen In The Western Countries. Not Only With Their Different Concept Of Interior But Also With A Wide Range Of Food Products And Deserts Created In House, Maintaining High Standards Of Quality With Great Taste.

We bring to you the best:

Nibs Café Goes Back To Its Inception In 2012 With A View To Bring Global Chocolate Confectioneries To The Pink City. Brainchild Of Three Young Entrepreneurs From Jaipur, They Traveled Across Continents And Brought The Global Flavors To Best Suit The Indian Palate.

It All Began When One Fine Day Our Stomachs Started Growling And We Felt The Need Of Good Food. Something Which Can Take Us To Nirvana Of Hunger Desire And The Answer Was Chocolate”.Sankalp Gupta Thus Began The Search Of Nibs Which Is The Base To All Chocolates. We Traveled Around The World Making Pit Stops To Various Chocolate Destinations. We Wanted To Bring Home The Best Recipes And We Succeeded. Nibs Cafe Is The Outcome Of Our Stringent Efforts And Culinary Skills In Designing The Ultimate Offerings For The Human Palate.

Right From The Moment You Walk Through The Front Door, It Is Our Goal To Enchant You With The Best Atmosphere That Is Comfortable And Relaxed With Exemplary Service And An Evolving Array Of Best-Quality Offerings. Our Elaborated Menu Can Satisfy Any Hunger Desire With A Variety Of Offerings Right From Bacon To Garlic Bread, Pastas To Sandwiches And One Of The Best Line Of Desserts Along With Cakes.

From Chocolates To Bakers, And Now With A Full-Fledged Cafe Setup Nibs Has Ventured Into Cakes, Confectionery And Many More. The Ambiance, Decor And Quality Offering Makes Nibs The Only One Stop Shop For Cafe Enthusiasts, Bakery And Confectionery Lovers In Jaipur. Nibs Currently Has Two Premium Cafes Running Successfully In The City, With The Second Outlet Being Jaipur’S First Multibrand Café In Association With Kalapani, A Family Indian Restaurant.

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