Onion & Capsicum (Red/white)
(Sauteed onion and capsicum with mixed penne and fussili served with your choice of sauce)

Sunday Mood Pasta (Red/white)
(Combination of fresh par boiled vegetables sauteed with your choice of red or white sauce)

Illiegal Bakes Lasagna (Red/white)
(Baked layer pasta sheets with base of spiced vegetables, sauce and finished with cheese layer)

Good For You Lasagna
(soubacg & corn lasagna in white sauce)

Pasta Italian
(Mis pasta tossed in garlic, olive oil, vegetables and green chilli)

Cream of Musroom
(A perfect blend of cream and mushroom with mixed pasta finished with herbs and cheese)

Mac n Cheese
(Oven baked pasta over bechamel sauce and herbs served with cheese)

Pesto Pasta (Seasonal Availablility)
(Rich walnut pasto sauce with mixed pasta and olives)

Cheese Bullet Pasta (Red/white)
(Hand rolled cheese bullets, onion, and capsicum per boiled vegetables in red or white sauce of your choice)

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