Pizza Mania

Say Cheeeseeeeeeee Pizza
(homemade Napoli base with lots and lots of cheese)

(Homemade Napoli with tomato, basil and cheese)

Gourmet Garlic
(Homemade napoli with garlic and cheese)

Country Side
(Homemade Napoli with corn and sliced mushroom)

Mama Mia
(Button mushroom, corn, bell peppers, red onion with cheese)

COC Pizza
(cheese, onion, capsicum)

Hawain Pizza
(Onion, Mushroom, Pineapple topped with cheese)

(Choose any two from menu above to get two different flavors on one base)

Cottage Cheese Pizza
(Paneer, Spicy Sauce, Onion, Coriander)

Chaupati Pizza
(India meets Italy, Indian style bhelpuri served on Italian Pizza base with cheese)

Napolitama Pizza
(Tomato, olives, garlic, chilli)

Pesto Pizza (Seasonal availability)
(Fresh basil and walnut pesto sauce with garlic tomato)

16 Majje
(Another one of our signatire pizza range, combination of 16 ingredients to blow your taste buds away )

Aglio Olio Pizza
(Garlic, chilli, olive, cheese)

Mushroom Madness
(Mushroom, onion garlic and cheese)

Guilt Free Pizza
(Hand rolled whole wheat pizza base vegetables with herbs and garlic oil)

Oct Pizza
(onion, chilli and tomato)

Seven Beauties Pizza
(NIBS signature dessert pizza with pure melted chocolate, banana, crunchy flakes and cheese)

Nuts & Bolts Chocolate Pizza
(Cazy for nuts and love the chocolate. don’t think a second. You waited for this all your life)

Justin Bieber’s Favourite – Never Available :D hahaha..

Wheat pizza base
Mushroom/Corn/Jalapenos/Bell Pepper/Olives/Pineapple
Chilli mayonnaise/liquid cheese/aioli/mustard mayo
Garlic Oil/Herbs Oil/Chilli Oil/Cheese

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