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Herbs & Garlic Bread
(Italian bread with homemade garlic and herbs infused butter)

Garlic Bread Cheese
(Italian bread with homemade garlic and herbs infused butter with cheese)

Garlic Bread Supreme
(French style bread with garlic butter, onion, capsicum and cheese)

Chilli Jalapenos
(French style garlic bread with homemade sauce, spicy jalapenos and cheese)

Olives & Corn Bread
(Sliced olives and American corn with garlic butter & cheese)

Traditional Bruschetta
(Traditional italian bread with fresh tomato, garlic, basil and a drizzle of virgin olive oil)

Baked Bruschetta
(Traditional italian bread oven baked with tomato, onion, basil and cheese)

OMG Bruschetta
(Traditional Italian bread with souteed mushroom, onion and garlic with cheese sprinkled and Italian herbs)

Trio Of Dips
(Oven baked bread drizzled with olive oil served warm with a selection of dips)

The Angry Birds
(Chilly garlic potato munchers served with chilli mayonnaise and chefs secret spices)

Crazy Angry Birds
(Chilly garlic potato munchers served with chilli mayonnaise, chefs secret spices and cheeseeee….)

Cajun Spice Potato Wedges
(Potato wedges tossed in cajun spice mix)

Chessy Wedges
(Potato wedges tossed in spice mix and greatened cheese)

French Fries
Masala fries
(French fries tossed in secret chefs spice mixture)

Maggie Masala
(Poori duniya ki chaheti, asli logon ki asli pasand…. maggle masala janemann)

Vegatable Maggie

Vada pav
(Mumbai ke thele se, Aamchi special mumbaiya pav, Bread filled with masaladaar aloo and bluai chupati mirchi)

Chana Choor
(West Bengal ke Thelon se, Pressed dried roasted chickpea mixed with chilli, onion and tomato.
“Kemi nacho dada” just Rounting our exceotionally good lingual skills)

Aloo Chaat
(Har juban ki pasand, mashoor aloo hai chaman)

Bhel Puri Bruchetta
(Spicy bhelpuri topping on toasted bruschetta… deadly combination)

Desi Masala Pancake
(Besan ka chilla with mixed tomato and coriander filling)

Papdi Chaat
(CHAAT means lick!! Finger licing crisp fried dough waferm topped with yoghurt, onion,tomato, chutney and sev)

Mini Uttapams
(YANNA RASCALA MIND IT!!! South Indian deliacacy made with semolina batter, pan cooked with onion and tomato)

Aloo Tikki
(NAWABI SHAUQ TO HUM BHI RAKHTE HAIN!!!! Lucknawi preparation made with shallow fried boiled potato patty served with youghurt, chutney and special spices)

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