Sweet Tooth

Dark Chocolate Mousse
(Rich dark chocolate foam served chilled)

Traditional Walnut Brownie
(Homemade brownie served warm with pure melted chocolate and a scoop of ice-cream)

Waffle Craze

Belgian Waffles
(A batter based cake from Belgium prepared on waffle iron and served with ice cream, fruit salsa and pure melted chocolate)

Dark Choco chip Waffles
(Belgian waffles mixed with dark chocolate chips to satisfy that chocolaty desire served with ice cream, fruit salsa and pure melted chocolate)

Nutella waffles
Tower of Waffles
(For die hard waffle fans, served with banana slices, pure melted chocolate and two scoop of ice cream)

Pancakes Affair (2 pancakes served with ice cream & choice of sauce.)

Basic pancakes
Chocochip pancake
Red velvet pancakes
Cinnamon pancake
Nutella pancake
Nutty Pancakes
Banana Pancakes

Spanish Churros
(Deep Fried very famous spanish churros served with pure melted chocolate dip)

Pot of Love
(Pure melted chocolate for two, served with seasonal fruits and other goodies)

Chocolate truffle pastrv

NIBS Tasting Plate
(Cann’t decide what to eat! Try a bit of everything, selection of house specially desserts)

OOH LA LA Molten Lave
(Spoil yourself with melted centered warm chocolate cake)

French Crepes
(French thin pancakes served with ice cream, bananas & chocolate)

Salt Sprinkled Chocolate Crostini
Pleasure Guaranteed Donut Ice-cream Sandwich
Seven beayties Pizza
(Our Yummy Choco Pizza)
Nuts & Bolts Chocolate Pizza
Yumiiinaaaaminnnoo Choco Sandwich
Nutella Cheesewich
The dirty dozen
Chocolate injection

Chocolate Shots

Dark Chocolate Shots
Milk chocolate shot
Brownie shot
Double choco shot
Nutty shot

MUFFINS (pack of 4)
Selection of pastries
Designer muffin

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